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A solo class with me in order to getting to know each other lasts 120 minutes and costs 50 Euros.
We will practice at my place or yours.
In the event of small groups being formed a location could be rented out. Then there will be a reduced rate.
Yoga is a gift with which you can endow yourself time and again. I would like to share this with others in a fair way.

Since 2015 I was able to gain a lot of experience teaching yoga to different people in one-on-one sessions, small and large groups.

chair yoga for senior citizens for Freunde alter Menschen e.V. (60 minutes)

substitute for Urvasi Leone at Akademie für Yoga Berlin and Marion Evers at Zentrum für Yoga und Stimme/Somatische Akademie and lots of other colleagues throughout Berlin (90 minutes)

yoga classes for inmates at JVA Tegel (prison) (90 minutes)

private one-on-one sessions for friends, acquaintances and people of all kinds (60-120 minutes)

“hands on”, meaning alignment corrections and tips for the proper execution of asanas at Sunyoga Kreuzberg, together with Julia Heidt (90 minutes)

yoga workshops for couples (180 minutes)

personal yoga classes (90-120 minutes)

personal training and classes at Bürgenstock Alpine Spa in Switzerland (60 minutes)

My suggestion: try a solo class with me and see for yourself if you can get to like my way of teaching. Just drop me a line or give me a call.