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Yoga for Couples

»Many people lose the small joys in the hope for the big happiness.«

Pearl S. Buck

How many couples who share their everyday lives have lost precisely these small joys?
I am offering yoga workshops for couples where you can learn how to find the small joys within your relationship’s daily routine.
It is mostly about being in the moment with all of your senses, hands-on learning to discover your partner everyday anew if you let go into the here and now, time and again.
This three hour workshop is not about acrobatics but rather about feeling, sensing and observing your own and your partner’s emotions.
Mindfulness, breath observation, peace of mind and allowing yourself to truly feel in order to be able to experience meditation in motion together with your partner. Me and my yoga-experienced partner offer you a safe environment and adventurous setting to try out and discover.


Presence means to be here and now entirely. It is the ability to really feel what is noticeable inside your body in the instant moment and to breathe freely, to actually feel how one vividly reacts to someone else in the here and now, to really feel what is going on right now. Through the yoga exercises you will learn in this workshop you can train awareness for exactly this kind of presence. If you let your partner in entirely you can learn to let harmony and relaxation be a part of your daily routine, which can furthermore lead to well-being on every level of your relationship.

This workshop is suitable for you, if you are

interested in physical, emotional and spiritual growth

a little experienced in yoga or dance or movement of all sorts or meditation

curious to get to know yourself and your partner in different ways

willing to engage in an intense experience

ready to experience a deep connection with your partner and to enjoy it

We are going to practise simple asanas mainly in seated positions or lying on your back which are especially fitting for couples.

“The secret of the higher levels of yoga lies within the stimulus and use of the hidden nerve and brain centres which are the location of spiritual centres which in yoga philosophy are called cakras, as well as the use of the only fuel which is essential for this kind of practise, the sexual energy.”

Elisabeth Haich