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Yoga has interested me for the first time at the age of 15, even when I got to enjoy my first lesson nine years later. That was at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in NYC where I graduated from as an actress.
Since 2006 I have been practicing yoga in group classes before I enrolled at the Akademie für Yoga Berlin in January 2014 to become a yoga teacher.
I completed the training successfully in March 2018.

That makes me a TriYoga teacher for Bascis-Level 2 which allows me to teach newcomers, beginners, intermediate and advanced students.
Furthermore I acquired a BDY/EYU-certificate.

Also since 2015 I volunteer as an “end-of-life-care” person for the “ambulanter Hospizdienst der Johanniter” here in Berlin.
I do this kind of work with lots of joy and commitment.

Recently I started training in Gestalttherapie in order to influence my work as a yoga teacher and for my terminal care volunteer work.

Finally I would like to mention that I am a person who takes pleasure in movement and this has been accompanying me my entire life. Until today dancing is one of my greatest passions. Muay Thai is also a part of it since many years because in my opinion it is a very elegant and vigorous form of martial arts.
I also find it very nice to move in water from time to time and that is why I like swimming. All this explains the pictures of me in various “sports outfits” with which I would like to express that yoga can fit to all kinds of people and life situations no matter how much or how little movement experience a person has got.

At heart I am a dancing yogini who will also always remain an actress thanks to my highly sensitive artistic soul.