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Privacy Policy


This privacy policy shall inform users of this website about how, why and to what extent personal data is collected and stored by the website operator (Sophie Schmid).

The website operator takes your data protection very seriously and treats your personal data confidentially and in accordance with the law of the European Union (General Data Protection Regulation / GDPR). Because of the rapid technological developments and the permanent enhancements of this website, it is recommended that you review this privacy policy on a regular basis as it might change at any time.

You can read more about the terms used (e.g. “personal data” or “processing of data”) in article 4 GDPR.

Data Collected

We, the website operator / provider of this website, gather certain data, based on our legitimate interest (see Article 6 GDPR), about access to this website and save this data in so-called “server log files” on the server on which this website is hosted. The following data is being collected:

  • Web site / page visited
  • Time and date of access
  • Amount of data sent / received in Bytes
  • Origin / Referrer from which you came to this web site
  • Web Browser used
  • Operating System used
  • IP address used

The server log files are stored for a maximum of 7 days and consequently deleted. The storage of this data occurs for reasons of security, e.g. to solve cases of access to the services provided with unlawful intent. If it is required by law that data MUST be withheld in order to resolve such cases, they will be exempted from regular deletion until the case has been fully resolved.


This website is using Cookies. Cookies are small files that are being stored on the device you are using to access this website. Your web browser is accessing these files. By using Cookies your web site experience is being enhanced in regards to user-friendliness and security.

Current web browsers allow for settings that will not accept any Cookies. Note that in this case it cannot be guaranteed that you can enjoy the full functionality of this website and may need to adjust your settings.

Collection and Processing of Personal Data

The website operator will only collect, use or pass on your personal data for purposes that are necessary for operation, in accordance with current law, or if you consent to it.

Personal data are all data that may identify you as a person and can be traced back to you, e.g. your name or e-mail address.

You can visit this website without disclosing any personal information, however certain information (without personal references) are being stored in order to improve our website. This includes for example files requested or your IP address.

Processing of Contact Details

If you contact us, the website operators, by using the contact form provided, we will store these details in order to process and respond to your request. Without your consent, this data is not being passed on to any third parties. Our contact form is using Google reCAPTCHA in order to prevent spam. By using the contact form you consent to its terms of service.

User Rights

You as a user of the services provided here are entitled to receive information about of the personal data being kept about you, free of charge. Moreover, you have the right to amend false data, restrict the usage or demand the deletion of your personal data. If applicable, you may also assert your right to data portability. Should you presume that your personal data has been unlawfully used you may file a complaint with the responsible controlling authority.

Deletion of Data

If your request does not collide with a statutory duty to keep data (e.g. data preservation required by law) you have the right to demand deletion of your personal data. Your data is deleted by us anyway if it isn’t required anymore and there are no legal obligations to keep it. If deletion is not possible because legal reasons don’t allow for it, the processing of your data is limited. In this case, your personal data is locked and not being processed for other purposes.

Right of Objection

Users of this website have a right of objection and may dissent the processing of their personal data at any time.

If you want your personal data to be rectified, deleted, its usage limited (e.g. revoke a previous consent) or if you want information about your personal data, you may direct your requests and / or any questions to the following e-mail address: dataprotection (at) lieberyoga.com.