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»Take the universe as an example and meditate on a missing centre and frontiers.«


YOGA is …

affinity with everything, connection between body and mind

interaction between extension and focusing

universal balance for every situation of life

coordination of movement plus optimized force distribution

dexterity in action

full control without violence

vital energy and harmony

meditation in motion

What is meditation? The practice of focusing awareness on one single point; the waves of thoughts can be observed without identifying oneself with them.
Why do human beings need to exercise that? Because now more than ever our minds are confronted with diversion, rush and distraction on a daily basis. This can lead to enormous physical and psychological tension which can result in permanent stress which in turn can lead to chronic illness.
Yoga can prevent all that in a gentle and mindful way and with continuous exercise, we can create a healthy balance between exertion and relaxation in our lives.

It gives me great pleasure to show people this one of many ways in mindfulness.
Even when I was taught in TriYoga for four years, Yoga has one single, ancient root from which grew a solid tree with many branches, twigs and leaves.
All these different styles can peacefully coexist. Yoga is Yoga no matter what kind of word we put in front or behind it. It should always be about feeling comfortable and gaining energy in order to feel invigorated for life’s challenges. To me it is about supporting people to get into the “flow”, meaning the flow of breath and energy, so we can face our everyday lives with more strength and ease.