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»Come to your senses and loosen your mind.«

Sophie Schmid and Fritz Perls

Everything is a matter of balance, integration of body, senses, emotions, awareness and willpower.
For all of us it is a great challenge to find this balance within our own lives.
It occurs every time when we try to unite seemingly contradictory poles with one another in a vibrant, harmonious tension.
How exactly this is supposed to happen, many people have asked themselves for thousands of years.
Yoga and Gestalttherapy offer lots of helpful answers and proposed solutions for that.

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root “yuj” and the common meaning is connection, integration which is determined on one goal. Not only the goal but the steps we take in order to achieve this unification are called yoga. The primary meaning is simply: to prepare. “But for what?”, you may ask. Well, it is the struggle of life, which is meant to be fought with inner peace and balance, as paradoxically as it sounds.
Yoga and Gestalttherapy can help you reach this state of being, to become a true master of the martial arts of life, because the real struggle is always an internal one.
The goal is the route…the route is the goal.

When you start practising yoga, energy (prana) will flow which can give you the strength to come to terms with your past and to make necessary alterations.
You might experience that you can do a lot in order to give your life a positive basic direction.
Practising yoga means to control body and breath and therefore reach a psycho-physiological balance.
This does not happen when you suppress your senses and feelings but when you gain a clear consciousness liberated from your senses, feelings and thinking and realize what really happens inside of you, who you truly are.
Yoga is “I in the here and now”.
Gestalttherapy is “I and thou in the here and now.”

Along this path I can support and accompany you with the following services:

individual yoga program, adjusted to your personal needs

resolve or transform belief systems, thought and behavioural patterns, blockades (Gestalt work)

build up stress resistance (Yoga and Gestalt)

nutrition consultation

consultation for body care/cleansing, internally and externally

activate and strengthen self-regulating forces (Yoga and Gestalt)

build up a healthy self-awareness, self esteem and a sense of (basic) trust (Yoga and Gestalt)

tidiness consultation (here I work similarly to Marie Kondo’s method)