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Office Yoga

»Never ever has anyone uttered these words on his deathbed:
I wish I had spent more time at the office!«

Thomas Menk

With my program for office yoga, at least time spent at the office will definitely get much more bearable and will almost feel like leisure time!

Human beings are pedestrians. We have got a locomotor system not a “sit still” system.
Eight hours of just sitting is “out” and urgently needs to be acted against.
For example, with my office yoga program which will improve and enhance the physical and psychological well-being and health condition of your employees.

I’m offering you 15-20 minute classes, ideally set in the middle of a workday before lunch.
The course will take place in a circle of chairs, standing and seated. No changing of clothes, no sweating but instead stretching and loosening the entire body efficiently and simply moving everything around from head to toe. It is mostly about learning and practicing breathing techniques as well as active and passive stretching and relaxation exercises which can be integrated into the everyday (work) routine.

A solid health prevention care package which you should invest into for your employees, time-wise and also financially. If you are interested:
Just drop me a line or give me a call.